Oil-Less/Oil Free Compressors

The CA-Series Rotary Scroll compressors provide the reliable, high quality compressed air that you've come to expect from Champion. Designed specifically for industrial and laboratory applications that require 100% oil-less air. CA-Series compressors offer a wide selection of configurations and top-quality available options.

Oil-less reciprocating compressors from Champion are known world-wide for trouble-free operation, long life and built-in efficiencies you can count on. An ideal solution in intermittent duty applications, the oil-less reciprocating products offered through Champion are a great solution to your oil-less compressed air needs.

Champion compressors are energy efficient, quiet and reliable. Choose from a wide variety of rotary screw, rotary vane, and rotary scroll air compressors to fit all your needs from part load to full load applications, low purchase price to the greatest in energy efficiency, direct or belt driven to direct connected. These compressors continue to further strengthen Champion's product offering of variable and fixed speed compressor technologies.

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Oil Lubricated Rotary Compressors

Champion Quick-Lock tubing provides total solutions for air, vacuum and inert gas systems.

The CHX Series is a balanced flow controller that provides an economical and reliable single point of control when it comes to controlling the air pressure delivered to your operation. 

One of the largest hurdles of a compressed air system is removing in-line water build-up despite the placement of upstream dyers and filters. the DRI Products are tools specially designed to prevent this in-line water build-up.


Compressed Air Piping

Air Treatment Products

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Champion air-cooled reciprocating pumps and air compressor packages can be used to match the needs of a wide variety of compressor applications. Champion has air compressors designed for home use to air compressors that are used for plant air service. Champion reciprocating air compressors are well suited for many applications.

Since 1919 Champion has a solid reputation for providing the highest quality in reciprocating and rotary screw air compressor systems, parts and service. With over 95 years experience in designing and manufacturing air compressor systems, Champion knows and understands the application of our products in many different operating environments.

Reciprocation Compressors


Air dryers to filters and piping

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Compressed air has long been described as the fourth utility after electricity, natural gas and water. It is often the perfect energy resource for many industrial, commercial and instrument applications. During the act of compressing air, moisture naturally forms. Removing this moisture with an air dryer is vital to avoid costly equipment failure, product contamination and distribution system breakdown.

Keep lubricants from being washed away from downstream components extending product life.
Reduce product contamination in applications such as mixing, conveying, cooling and product blow down.
Reduce compressed air system corrosion which would increase pressure drop and operational costs.

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