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ALI has developed the new Lift Inspector Certification Program in response to growing demand from businesses that use vehicle lifts, as well as the governmental health and safety organizations that monitor them. Annual vehicle lift inspections conducted by a “qualified automotive lift inspector” are required by the ANSI National Standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection, and maintenance (ANSI/ALI ALOIM: 2008) and are included by reference in regulations in the United States and Canada. However, until now there have been no national vehicle lift inspection licensing or certification programs.

“Proper vehicle lift certification, installation, and inspection have come under increased scrutiny in recent years by OSHA and other local, state, provincial and federal health and safety officers,” explains R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “This has resulted in an increase in shops looking for qualified automotive lift inspectors. Without a national certification program in place, vehicle lift inspection companies haven’t been able to offer independent validation that their inspectors are qualified. The Certification Program will provide third-party assurance that a Certified Lift Inspector has been tested and proven competent to thoroughly inspect an installed vehicle lift and report on its suitability for continued use and/or the need for maintenance or repair. We encourage all vehicle lift inspectors to demonstrate their professionalism and differentiate themselves from their competitors by getting certified.”

Anyone with a minimum twelve months experience as a vehicle lift inspector may apply to participate in the certification program. The program includes extensive printed training materials, a six-hour Participants Orientation workshop, a written pre-course exam, a final course exam, and documented practical experience. After successfully passing the exams, the candidate will receive recognition as an automotive lift inspector certified by ALI, as well as a Certified Lift Inspector patch and other official materials. Companies with a Certified Lift Inspector on staff will be listed in an online directory on the ALI website. The directory will be searchable by ZIP code, to make it easy for customers to find local vehicle lift inspection companies with ALI certified inspectors.

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